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Mr. Cellophane

Hello To All

Hello.  For the mundane...

My name is Torey and I hail from Louisiana, USA.  I am a 32-year-old father of one, a beautiful daughter named Katherine Amanda.  I am an artist and classically-trained pianist.  I am presently creating the paintings for a new Tarot deck with Pagan author, Pino Longchild.  I am currently an Administrator at the popular Wiccan and Tarot training academy, Magicka School in Mulazzo, Italy, where I was formerly also a Tarot instructor as well as an instructor in Spellcrafting.  I also created and administrate Magicka School's social networking site, MagickaSpace, on

Spiritually, I am a Theistic Satanist and practicing magician of nearly thirteen years.  My path is heavily influenced by Ceremonial and Chaos Magic(k) and into it I also incorporate aspects of general NeoPaganism as well as NeoShamanism.  I work primarily with the Goetia, although I do occasionally work with deities from other pantheons.

Feel free to add me.  I look forward to meeting anyone who cares to say hello :)  

Tschüß :)
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