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Name: Severyn (I will not post my real name here)
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Location: Pennsylvania (USA)

My Path: I don't have a specific path, or follow a specific set of rules, its mostly a mixture of things. However, my current focus is directed at shamanism.

Gods/Entities I've "worked with": Honestly, it varies greatly. Gods usually range through the Celtic, Egyptian, and Norse pantheons, but Greek and Babylonian have also played a part, among others. Other beings include: faeries, elves, dragons, ents, harpies, felines, were-creatures, vampires, demons, griffons, shapeshifters, and so forth.

Things I do: Meditate, astral travel, tarot, scrying, visions, some very light herbal magick, etc.

Things I'd like to learn: better communication with nature, working with spirits (ghosts and such), healing, defense/protection

Why I joined: I figured it'd be nice to have some more pagan friends, even if they aren't from the same country. Not everyone understands some experiences I've been through, so I'm hoping people here will have more open minds...

Other Info: I've been pagan my entire life, just slow moving on the path (I procrastinate A LOT). I love nature, hiking and camping, and have a nature photography business. I do indoor gardening and collect stones. I also collect weapons. I like going to renaissance faires and dressing up as a pirate. I write, draw, sew, and make candles. I have tattoos, 3 animals live with me, and I want to travel more often. Neil Gaiman is my favorite author (fantasy being my favorite genre). Music addictions include (but are not limited to): Ego Likeness, Voltaire, Faun, Omnia, The Gypsy Nomads, The Cruxshadows, The Dreamside, Combichrist, The 69 Eyes, Tool, KMFDM, Tori Amos, The Dresden Dolls, Priscilla Hernandez, Angelspit, and others. Movies I like include Tim Burton films, muppets, Neil Gaiman movies (of course), fantasy, adventure, cartoons, some gore, and others.
I can't stand stupidity or closed minds, I hate cars and environmental cruelty, and will never understand why reality TV is called such, when it's not real.

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