Looking for friends

About me:
Name:Winter, I also go by Fox too. Take your pick.
Eye color/hair: Blue/dark brown
Hobbies: DIY projects, stripping/dancing, hiking, running, fitness, Celtic any thing, painting, reading.
What I am looking for in a friend:Age is no big deal as long as your not a minor. Girls or guys which ever. A tracher of sorts. Someone who knoes a bit bout wicca, Celti, Satanism. Someone who is similar to me. Open minded. A loyal friend who will stick by me.
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Looking for friends

Hello! My name is Marta. And I'm from Ukraine, Krivoy Rog. Hope to find friends here ;)

A little about me:

Date of birth: 8 March 1984

Job: Artistic / Musical / Writer

Weight: 115 lbs. (52kg.)

Height: 5'6" (1.68m)

Knowledge of languages: English, Russian

Body type: Athletic

Eye color: Green

My hobbies and what I'm good at: i am found of sport and dances and made it my life job. i am a teacher of dances. i teach people how to to be a master of your body and stay in good shape. in my free time i love sequin embroidery and hand made finery. i love to keep my house clean and decorate it with beautiful things. i adore cooking so i can cooking anything!

New witchy friends

Hey in Tai and im 33 female from UK im new to this site so i hope im doing this right :) Would like to meet like minded people with the same beliefs interests as me as ill be honest i don't know any :(

Im really into this path but am really quite new and learning each and every day. I love animals and i have 4 cats and a lizard called lenny lol. I work as a florist so i get to play with flowers all day long which is cool but extremely tiring :( im down to earth with a cheeky sense of humour and i just love anything spiritual, especially my tarot cards and crystals oh and my herbs :P I love to read and watch my tv shows im currently into the walking dead, true blood, vampire diaries kinda shows but also love my sci fi lol i garden,make my own candles and incense im very crafy :P

tairaven80@gmail.com is my facebook please feel free to add me would be great to meet some cool peeps :)


I'm genderqueer, in my mid 30's and I live in Britain. I live with my awesome partner and two dogs

I love poetry, history, books, music, learning stuff, crafting (jewelry, Cards, and pyrography)

I write about my life, queerness, disability, depression, paganism, social justice, adoption reform, community building, gardening, storytelling, what I'm crafting, cooking,

I also post videos of music, spoken word poetry, and animated shorts

I'm looking for people who have things in common with me and who want to interact with me

Searching For New Friends

I went away from LJ.com for a long time and so I am trying to make some new friends.

My name is Sissy. I'm Pagan / SoulBond and I'm looking for very open-minded friends to connect with. I have a lot of different interests aside from spiritual aspects. I also am very much up to date with science and technology. I love writing, and like to do research with the writing. However, that is what takes me so long to get anything done. I also have VCFS/22q and cerebral palsy and I am trying to advocate more awareness for my syndrome more often now. I can be a bit eccentric at times and childish. I'm 30 but I can't seem to help it. I love to make new friends but I really don't like drama. I understand that everyone has problems, and I like helping people but I'm over the whole B.S with LJ.com on that end.
On my LJ I mostly talk about SoulBonding and Pagan life style however, I'm also going to start a graphic community at some point in my life. I've not always made the best choices making friends and have been subjected to online and offline emotional and physiological abuse. Please make sure to read my profile and intro post. I know I'm weird and embrace my weirdness but aside from all that my mundane life is pretty damn normal.
I live with my parents and grandfather during this time we are trying to sell our house and downsize. I do have problems with depression and severe stress but do take medication for it, which helps out a lot. I really like to help my friends when I can and enjoy long correspondences with people. I'm an 80's baby and grew up in the 90's, so I grew up with stuff like Are You Afraid of the Dark?

As for hobbies those include reading, writing, singing, piano, internet, friends and animals. I am a self taught artists and mostly draw in an abstract/anime type style.
I also love to collect things. Really big on that. I studied music for 16 years and I have no idea what to do with myself right now, so mostly just trying to make new friends and things like that.
I really enjoy horror movies, I hate romantic comedies but enjoy reading history novels. A couple years ago I was really stuck on Egypt. Go from there. I have extensive knowledge on the history of the Titanic, the American Civil War, and Europe history as well.

I have moved a lot in my life ( 10 times ) . I really enjoyed living in Canada the most I think. I also like were I am living now here in Georgia though too.

- Sissy

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Hello all....

I am currently looking for a few more friends. So if you would like to friend a Pagan who loves animals, is going through lots of changes at present. I work with homeless young people and have a very full on life.
I do talk about my family life, work life, hobbies and spirituality a bit, check out my profile for more info.

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Hi all
I am from Kiev, Ukraine.
Who want to add as your friend. I'm keeping a diary in Russian. I know English, and German.
I write about everything that interested. Most writing about football, biathlon and other sports. Just about Ukraine, and travel.

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Looking for online friends

I have some online friends and they are great, but I am hoping to make some more. . .

Name: Rebekah

Age: 28

Location: Lorain, Ohio (Near Cleveland)

Hobbies: Writing, watching movies, music, chatting, Sims, cooking, baking, blogging, WWE, photography, reading, palm reading, tarot, astrology, candles, D&D, vanpires (no Twilight please), and shopping

YIM: if you want it please message me.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rebekahwriter

           http://www.facebook.com/groups/206744919393488/ (My online friends group)

My yearbook http://www.myyearbook.com/members/32859260

I want someone 21-30. . . with similar hobbies.

Spirit :: Water

Good day pagans!

I've been meaning to post here for quite some time. Today's the day!

Some basics: I'm Dakota. I'm twenty-one, I live on Canada's Prairies. Regina, Saskatchewan, to be precise.
I identify as an 'eclectic pagan' as an umbrella term for simplicity's sake, but I most often refer to myself as a Goddess worshiper and a Cree Traditionalist. I sometimes identify as a 'witch', as well. I'm Plains Cree First Nations (Cree Indian) and I've been raised around my people's spirituality all my life (with bits of Roman Catholicism strewn about). I'm very comfortable on my current path, but I have a great interest in other paths as well.

I'm a long-time activist for environmental, Indigenous/human rights and animal welfare. I was blessed with my parent's activist spirit, but I'm much more vocal about my causes than they are now. I'm two-spirited (Queer), a vegan, a full-time third year university student aiming for a double major in Indigenous Studies and Gender Studies. I also work in a bookstore and I acquire more books a month than anyone I know. I have more books than I have furniture! My family is very important to me, and I have a wonderful partner of three years who I currently reside with. I'm very introverted, but this doesn't always come out on my journal.

My spirituality is very important to me, though I admit I do not write about it in my LJ very much but I hope to change this. I'm looking for new friends (there's a lack of pagan folk on my f-list!) that are socially conscious, open-minded, silly and potentially another pen-pall.
My journal can go from very serious to absolutely ridiculous, so a sense of humour is very necessary. I'm also admittedly a geek. Fandoms don't take up a huge portion of my journal (except maybe Harry Potter as the new movie is coming soon), but they are there!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I also have an intro entry in my journal that you may want to take a look at. If you'd also like to know a bit more about my path, I wrote about it a bit HERE.
Thanks for reading!
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Hoping to get some response...

 Okay, a little bit about me:
-:- Terra
-:- 25
-:- Married
-:- Pagan.  General tree hugger, recycling attempting-to-live-green, etc etc.
-:- I own my own natural bath, body and home product business, though some parts of it are on hold with my pregnancy (also natural), so I'm focusing on mineral eye shadows and jewelry,
-:- I'm proudly owned by my cat.  She's been with us 4 months.

I currently follow Hathor and Lilith.  Just looking for more like-minded people.  Look at my profile for more in-depth info.  Please comment on my friends-only post with some info about yourself before adding.