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A short introduction...

Hi, I’m Lottie, here is a little intro to me...

I’m 24 and have been interested in/ practicing witchcraft for 8 years. I following a very open, natural, hedge-witch, solitary path. I would not join a coven as I like my freedom way too much! I would like to discuss my beliefs with others however, and hear about other paths.

My magic does not conform to rules and regulation set by others, I do what feels right to me and adapt my spells to my mood and situation. I write my own spells, it’s much better that way. I do not, however, believe that negative magic should be cast.

I have a deep love and respect for nature and live my life by the circle of the seasons.  I own 2 cute gerbils and feed my garden birds religiously! I also grown my own herbs in my little garden and make my own natural remedies and use the herbs in my spells.


Witchcraft is more than just my religion; it is my way of life and permeates all areas of my being. What a magical way to live!


I would love to be added, I only joined LJ this morning!

Love xxx

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